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The National Track and Field league is the new beginning of track and field. We honor all relationships of current professional athletes and their affiliated organizations. If you want to be a part of a professional track and field league, then the NTFL is for you. We have developed our structure so that your current professional endeavors can still be pursued while you are in our system. Our schedule was developed so that all NTFL athletes can participate in the World Championships, The Olympics, and their countries National Championship. When it comes to track and field, we support team USA and all other countries. It’s simple! We love track and we respect all track and field associations/organizations. 


All current professional or non-collegiate athletes pursuing professional track as a career must declare into the draft as a professional. This system will be temporary in the declaration process and was created to accommodate all track and field athletes as we welcome them into our league. The declaration for the draft will open in June and will close on July 31st. The NTFL draft will take place in August 2017. 


In honor of current professional affiliations and lifestyles, you will be allowed to select your current location or preferred NTFL location during the declaration process. Although current locations will be taken into consideration throughout the draft process, this will not guarantee that you will be selected for the team in or nearest to your current location. 

Please Fill out the Declaration Interest Form

You will be informed once the declaration form is available. 

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